What type of coverage do I receive on the Credit Sesame Platinum plan?

Our Platinum plan includes many features to help protect your identity and credit, including: 
Daily Credit Score Updates
Update your credit score instantly whenever you log in, not just on a monthly basis. 
24/7 Access to your Credit Report
Access your three bureau credit report monthly. 
Credit Dispute Resolution
Speak to a live representative regarding questions or disputes on your credit report. 
Internet Identity Watch
Proactively monitors thousands of websites and millions of data points for malicious sources of stolen data, such as chat rooms, forum extraction, and web crawling capabilities to ensure your credentials, if compromised, are spotted before they are stolen. 

Specifically, our service monitors your social security number, phone number, email address, bank account and routing numbers, credit and debit card numbers, and medical ID numbers. 
Full-Service Identity Restoration
In case your identity is stolen, our full-service white-glove identity restoration service will provide a certified identity theft restoration specialist to assist you with restoring your identity. This could include a specialized limited power of attorney to work on your behalf, as well as writing interactive dispute letters. 
Lost Wallet Restoration
If your wallet is lost or stolen, our full-service white-glove identity restoration service will make all the calls necessary to cancel and reissue cards and IDs, including credit cards, debit/ATM cards, checkbooks, driver's licenses, Social Security cards, insurance cards, passports, military identification cards, traveler's checks and Medicare/Medicaid identification. 
Court Records Reports and Monitoring
We will send you an alert if and when your name, date of birth and SSN appear in court records for any offense 
Payday Loan Monitoring
Notifies you when personal information has been linked to types of loans that do not require credit inquiries, such as Payday Loans. 
Change of Address Report and Monitoring
Reports and monitors if and when your mail has been redirected through the US Postal Service. 
Social Security Number Monitoring
Provides a report of all names, aliases and addresses associated with your Social Security Number. 
Sex Offender Monitoring
Enables you to monitor registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood. This service also alerts you of incidents where a sex offender registers with your home address in order to avoid detection.

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