I'm trying to sign up but my authentication questions are wrong. What can I do?

For security reasons, Credit Sesame is required to authenticate each and every member that we provide credit data. To do this, TransUnion provides us with a series of authentication questions that only you should be able to answer. Often these authentication questions are generated from information that is in your credit file but could be from other data sources as well. Keep in mind that "none of the above" is a valid answer if you don't recognize the question or any of the answers. That said, it is also possible that the questions or answers could either be confusing or even in some cases inaccurate. Unfortunately because Credit Sesame does not generate the questions or answers, we are not able to provide you any detail regarding their origins. We also do not have a way to authenticate your identity without answering the authentication questions.

What you can do about inaccurate questions
We do suggest that if you feel strongly that the authentication answers are inaccurate that you should get a copy of your TransUnion credit report so you can verify all of your reported information. You can get a copy of your TransUnion credit report for free at annualcreditreport.com or they are available for purchase for a nominal fee from within your Credit Sesame account.

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