Why can't I log In to my account?

If you already completely signed up for Credit Sesame and are having trouble signing into your account, you should first try resetting your password. Just click the "forgot password" below the password field on the log in page. If this does not work for whatever reason, please send an email to our member support team.

If your account never made it through registration to the point where you could see your credit score, there is probably a different issue. Sometimes, our credit partner, TransUnion is just not able to identify your specific credit report based on the information you've entered. This could be because you don't currently have much established credit or because you've moved recently or may have recently changed names. You should see appropriate messaging when you are not able to complete the sign up process but if you believe that you should have a TransUnion credit file, you can send an email to our member support team describing your situation and we will try to assist.


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