Is Credit Sesame really free?

Yes, Credit Sesame basic membership is 100% free! In fact, we do not even ask for a credit card and there are no trial periods

Here's what is included in your free membership:

  • Monthly credit score
  • ​24/7 credit monitoring
  • Personalized tips and recommendations
  • Tracking and alerts
  • Financial goal-setting
  • $50k identity theft insurance
  • ID restoration assistance
​​Now you might be thinking, "How does Credit Sesame offer all of this for free? Is Credit Sesame going to sell my information?" No, we'll never sell your personal information, in fact, our privacy policy specifically prohibits this.  We do, however, earn revenue from advertising partners when you take advantage of a personalized offer that you found in your Credit Sesame account. In short, when you win, we win!

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